Wrongful Death


The death of a friend or family member triggers an emotional experience of grief, anger and despair that can last an extended period of time. It is even more painful when someone else might bear responsibility for what happened.

As you cope with your grief and try to move on with life, thinking about speaking with a lawyer may not cross your mind. But it may be the only way to seek justice on behalf of a loved one no longer here to seek it on his or her own.

Whether the tragedy was the result of a medical errorcar accidentfall or another cause, it may be possible to get compensation if it can be proven that another person’s actions caused the death. The experienced attorneys at Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP have taken on and won such cases for devastated families. Additionally, compensation can be awarded for the loss of future income and support from the deceased, in addition to damages for your family’s suffering and grief.

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