Elder Abuse

Our seniors are among our most delicate citizens, and they count on us to provide for them once they can no longer provide for themselves. They also rely on us to protect them from being victimized.

While we know our loved ones are safe with us as they grow old, we are often forced to turn to places like nursing homes and their staff for help. Unfortunately, abuses are frequently reported in many of these facilities.

The types of abuse vary. They include:

  • Physical abuse. Keep an eye out for unexplained bruising or other injuries.
  • Emotional abuse. Neglect and poor emotional treatment can lead seniors to act depressed and withdrawn.
  • Financial abuse. Because seniors are often unable to maintain their finances any longer, some people target them and take advantage of their innocence to enrich themselves by draining your loved one’s bank account.

People who abuse the elderly, and the places that employ them, must be held accountable for their despicable behavior.The experienced attorneys at Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP have taken such facilities to court to win compensation for the families of abused seniors. Contact us for a free consultation.

A lawsuit won’t undo what happened, but it might make the facility change its policies and prevent it from happening again.