Drew M. Widders

Mr. Widders handles complex civil litigation with a focus on medical malpractice cases and lien issues. 

In a recent medical malpractice appellate victory, Mr. Widders along with other attorneys in his office convinced an appellate court to reverse a trial court ruling that a hospital was not responsible as a matter of law for the acts of an emergency room physician. Whitlow v. Rideout (2015) 237 Cal. App. 4th 631.

Mr. Widders and Mr. Wilcoxen also specialize in handling difficult lien issues for other attorneys in the state. In a case involving a disabled minor, they successfully convinced a court to reduce 1.6 million dollars in self-funded ERISA Health Plan liens to $0. 

Mr. Widders and Mr. Wilcoxen along with Don de Camara obtained another recent victory in another ERISA Health Plan case. The case is currently on appeal to the Ninth Circuit and set for oral argument on June 7, 2017.  In Mull, the District Court entered a ruling that the Motion Picture Industry ERISA plan’s reimbursement provisions are not enforceable when they are contained only in the plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD) and not in a Plan Document.  This situation in this case was especially burdensome for the ERISA beneficiary and her family.  The ERISA plan had paid $148,000 of medical bills and then demanded the victim turn over her entire tort recovery of $100,000, plus interest.  When the victim refused, the ERISA plan quit providing health coverage for the victim and her entire family of four.  Mull v. Motion Pictures Industry Health Plan (C.D. 2014) 51 F.Supp.3d 910.

Mr. Widders is friendly and caring, and he relies on his strong work ethic to represent his clients and ensure they get the proper medical care to help recover from their injuries. He will do his best to ensure that his clients are fully compensated for both past and future injuries.


Mr. Widders graduated college in Southern California from UCSB with a degree in political science and a minor in health and life science. He moved to Sacramento in 2003 to attend McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific. After graduating 7 years ago, he obtained his license to practice law.  

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Mr. Widders is married and the father a new baby,  a toddler and step-father of a 1st grader.  In his spare time he enjoys golf and cycling.

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